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Written by Bers.Erker   
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 14:21
Ok, people! Recording is done and Mixing/Mastering is making good progress so it's time to announce the name of tearsOFwraths newest release!!! The new album will be called:

  "...And Only Dust Remains"

It is meant to be the logical sequel to our last Album "Apocalypse Rising". Much darker, pessimistic and socially critical! You will be confronted with the deepest, most aggressive and maybe a little bit "trigger happy" stuff you have ever heard from Tears of Wrath.

 "My personal opinion is that this album is a perfect mirror of todays global situation, with its escalating capitalism and religious mayhem and its omnipresent corruption" - Bers Erker

Here is the track-list in its correct order:

  Dead Eyes
  Defeat The Morning
  Rudeness Of Mankind
  The Collective Moloch
  Into Battle
  Messiah(Total Peace)
  Age Of War
  Sad Remains
  Through Darkened Skies And Blood Red Suns

Lyrics are already available in the Lyrics-Section!

Release-Show will be on July 27th - ViperRoom! Details soon at the Concerts-Section! See you there!


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