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Sad Remains


Glorification of white honour and pride

For an inquisition of show trials and genocide


They are preaching spiritual and materialistic offerings

For motionless bleeding tears and corrupt, decadent kings

Blood is lying at the earth – richness is in the church

And if we need their support, they`ll leave us in the lurch



Cultural genocide, this is what they taught us

Clerical intolerance to supervise the powerful class

If we think of what they have given to us for our life

We look at our sad remains through which we had to dive







We have prayed for them – We have destroyed for them

For their perverted rules – We shouldn`t give a damn


Missionaries glorify the genocide

Of killing heathens and atheists for religious pride

As if we will forget all of their criminal acts

They still preach us the bible and all their faked facts


Making the world blind with their cloth of moral

And strangle the world with their angel of death




We sow

Evil blood

So we`ll earn

A bloody flood


They`ll have to pay the full prize

For their faked sunrise

The wretched Christianity

And their pitiful society


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