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Rudeness Of Mankind

You`ve sold your human ideoloy
You`re out of touch with reality

Why should I change my mind?
To leave myself behind
You have sold us down the river
For your cash and all the speculators 

Why don`t you try to leave these shares behind
To remove the rudeness of mankind
Did all the money make your eyes blind?

I am not blind, I see you do not fight
So why should I work harder until I die
You hide behind lies and your justice you just buy
You have never broken your back, so why the fuck should I

Your dreams of an higher level are killing
All my modest visions of working just to live
I don`t want to dive in your muddy dirt of moral


You will have to change your mind
Your riches will fall apart
If we will not resist in common
Don`t leave me in the lurch

A civil war is what you bring on you bastard
With your economising of our society
Give it up you will fail and I will dance on your grave


Go down! 


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