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Defeat The Morning

There is no meaning for me anymore


My world has been taken over by mourning

My happiness died, every vision imploded

Will I survive or defeat the morning?

I suffer, I cry, my pain is overloaded



To kill my feelings


My requiem sings


I am not wondering

There is no god, there is nothing

I hurt myself, `cause I`m not naive anymore



Looking at me – Imploding mind

Suicide in rates

I`m the mirror of mankind

My scars show my life

Drowned in pain – Imploding mind

Working for my death

Cut the evil, leave it behind

Now I`m going to die




Drunken because of tears of desperate hate

Forgotten are all my fears, to suffer this is my fate

My archenemy looks at me out of the mirror

Now I see a new truth, my old one once has been a whore


There is no life for me anymore


Bridge & Chorus


I hurt me to let the world suffer


The world outside, vulture eyes looking at me

All my depressions taking over my mind

To my death I open the gate, I can`t flee

I prefer to leave this world behind



To kill my feelings


My requiem sings


Happiness is just illusion

Love is pain or just diffusion

My death will be the end of my pain


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