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Age Of War



We are heading for civil war

There`s a distance that grows bigger between rich and poor

And when the blood runs down and covers all the streets

The world will stay shocked and watches dead children on TV


The night is lightened by fires

Of burning houses and

Exploding cars

We will run for our lives


Do you want to see – Do you want to face it?

Rotten chances, rotten youth and you don`t feel a bit

Millions are hungry – global genocide (can`t you see?)

This is the point where we must break the tide


Poverty is the reason

We know it all

But no one sees because

Pride comes before the fall


||: System never changes

Even if people cry out

We are all a guilty

Guilty society:||


Age of war


The great minority against authority

Brother against brother, chaos on the streets

Listen to me now, it`s time for a change

Or we`re stucked to blame for the next disaster in this age


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