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Tears Of Wrath

Sullen soil

Crimson Sky

New aeon

In a shattered city amidst the ruins

Of what they once called their home

One last breath cursing the pain

In her mother’s cold embrace

The child closes her eyes



Tears of wrath are in our eyes

As we stride forth into the night

Of mankind

As men spill their blood and tears

Hoping for a new dawn

That is never, never to come

Narrow minds

Shallow souls

Numbed spirits

Watch them stumble along

The downward-spiral

On their misled feet

Trampling all down what’s in their way

The vicious circle spins on

They all spread out expecting arms

And come to fall


Brutal war

Golden black

Cold future

Why do they not realize that

They will have to sleep in

The stinking beds they made

Outcast from Eden

Beyond the point of no return

Without any source of light

At the end of the tunnel


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