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Fury's Dance

I'm set ablaze by a flame dark as space

My only lust

I don't wish to create

My dark passion is out of control

I warned you once, I warned you twice

You wouldn't hear now pay the price

My rage starts the fury's dance

And I won't waste another word

I leave the talking to my blade

You enjoied this obscene show

And now it's too late

Sadistic obsession in my head

When it's sattisfied you are dead

You wanted me for your darkest desires

Soon you will burn in purgatory's fires

And madness continues the fury's dance

And you come to realize

It is impossible to flee

The fear in your eyes

It nourishes me

I won't let it cool down untill I see you down

I won't let it cool down untill I see you on the ground

Bloodstained hands in fear I hide away

No need to be ostrasized by society

I fear fate's ill winds as i watch your broken limbs

Clandestine existence is the price for the fury's dance


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